Inspiring you to close the love gaps in your life, marriage, family, church and your relationships

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Identify the love Gaps in your life, in your business and in your relationships with yourself, closing the love gaps using communication and empathy. When you realize the importance of investing in your love now, you can avoid paying for it later.

About Kwame


Kwame is the founder of KF Life Coaching dedicated to empowering and offering hope to couples, individuals and families to overcome personal obstacles to improve their relationships.

Kwame Frimpong Nyanor is a PhD candidate, an associate license professional counselor, a Nationally Certified Counselor and marriage and family therapist. He is also certified life coach, certified prepare-enrich facilitator, sex therapist and sex addiction trained.

Talk Topics

Closing The Love Gap

Love is like a lock that needs to be opened and to do so, you need a “love blacksmith”  with the right sequence to unlock your love potential. Many times, whether self-love or love for another person, our love is closed off and needs to be opened. There is an order to close the love gap. Love tends to be closed because we get the sequence mixed up. Often people try a marriage love plan first but in order for that to work, it must first start with you. Let's get clear on those three plans: Personal, Family, and Marriage.


In this talk or seminar you will be given the master key to open the combination and close the love gaps in your world. Kwame speaks about how to:

  • Heal all your broken relationships, including the one with yourself and your body through love

  • Understand how a healthy self-love helps you to love yourself and others in a complex world

  • Properly work through relationship and sexual problems

  • Create lasting love, intimacy, career and academic and professional development through closing the love gap with healthy self-love.  

Creating Loving Relationships

This inspiring talk is based on Kwame’s own testimony of overcoming his own love-gaps, coupled with 30 years of preaching the message of love and extensive research on parent-child talk. This proven methodology will help you create healthy self-love, love for others, and go deeper in your intimate relationships.


In this talk or seminar you will be given the master key to open the combination and close the love gaps in your world. Kwame speaks about how to:

  • 7 ways your love story can help you improve and enhance intimacy

  • 5 ways self-love impacts your academic and career choice and creates more meaning in your life

  • 5 steps for developing a healthy self-love

  • Identify 5 ways love gaps are hurting you and your relationships and learn how to close the love-gap

  • 7 things to correct and avoid when developing self-love

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In Person:

Pastor Kwame offers a variety of speaking engagements designed to help you give and receive love in a healthier way and connect intimately closer in all of your relationships.


On Demand:

At your leisure, meet with us to fine tune your relationships and strengthen your connections from the convenience of your own streaming device. 


Host A Conference/Retreat:

Apply to host Kwame’s two-day, relationship-transforming conference at your church or ministry.



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"Kwame has many strengths to offer. He is a scholarly and committed educator, has a very teachable spirit, and is an empathetic and skilled counselor. I recommend Kwame Nyanor without reservation. I believe he will be a positive addition to any organization." 
Dr. Cynthia Doney, LPCS, LMHC, NCC
Assistant Professor, Liberty University

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